BOMBYX Center for Arts & Equity
Saturday, November 18
5:00 PM ET


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Echoes of the Future Past: An Antique Concert on Pyne Street Reimagined

Folksongs! Brass band! Mozart! Fiddle and banjo! Local 18th century harmony singing! Community music and history with a dose of humor, and a meal afterwards to boot.

The ‘Antique Concerte on Pyne Street” announced on a crumpled 1873 playbill found during renovation of the Bombyx Center for Arts and Equity posed a sonic and historical mystery. What on earth WAS this?

Conveniently, such concerts are the subject of a PhD dissertation by Bombyx friend Tim Eriksen. Also conveniently, the music involved was great! And this thoroughly local variety of entertainment was ripe for reimagining by the Bombyx/“Pyne Street” community 150 years in the future. 

This ticket has two options: Show Only or Show + Dinner. Dinner tickets are limited, so be sure to get yours now!

Pork Loin
Veg Protein TBD
Boston Baked Beans
Roasted Root Veg
Potatoes Gratin
Rye Dinner Rolls
Apple Crisp

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