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Live performance was one of the first casualties of the pandemic and it may be one of the last areas to recover. Third Row is a global coalition of presenting organizations who are working together to sustain the performing arts during this uncertain time; while also imagining a more equitable future for artists, presenters, and audiences alike.

A Pandemic Pilot

1000 tickets sold, 100K views

On June 19th, 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, a crew of riggers and technicians gathered at the stage door outside the historic Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC. This was our first onstage production since the shutdown, and although the red velvet seats would remain empty, we were determined to reconnect the artists with their audience in a pioneering amalgam of internet and broadcast technologies.

Plexiglass panels, flown from the grid to separate the artists, were all but invisible to the six cameras used to capture the show. We installed a series of large screen TV’s in the orchestra pit to create a video wall where we could bring in a remote audience. COVID protocols were negotiated to ensure that the artists and the crew would remain safe throughout the production.

“Juneteenth: A Day of Remembrance” was hosted by Sweet Honey In The Rock, whose powerful live performance was interwoven with the voices of artists and activists who contributed pre-recorded clips or participated in a post-show Q&A. The event served as a fundraiser for the Equal Justice Initiative and concertgoers were invited to participate in one of two ways: they could buy a ticket and “be seen” as part of our interactive audience, or watch anonymously for free on social media.

The event aired live and was immediately removed from social media. It was important to us and to the artists that it exist as a dignified moment in time - a shared ephemeral experience. Too often, artists’ work loses its potency and becomes mere flotsam in the sea of digital media we now consume. A coalition of venues and presenters promoted the event which reached more than 100K viewers on Facebook and YouTube. Perhaps more importantly, we sold out the interactive audience, reaching our 1000 seat capacity days before the show.

From the stage, the performers looked out beyond the lights to see hundreds enthusiastic faces returning their gaze. The audience was digital but fully present; responding by clapping, dancing, and singing along - providing the reciprocal energy that is the lifeblood of live performance.

It was an awakening for us. We began to understand that there is an exciting new world of possibility emerging during this challenging time. Nothing will ever replace the feeling of live performance, but a space is opening that enables us to connect in intimate ways and offers a brighter and more equitable future for artists, presenters, and audiences alike.

We invite you to join us in the exploration.
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Risk Free Revenue

Pick a show from our world-class lineup, market it to your audience, and earn 20% of your ticket sales. We handle the production, technology, customer service, and ticketing. It’s that simple. No hidden costs, guarantees, or minimums. Join our coalition of presenters, generate revenue, and feed your audience during this time of uncertainty.

High Production Value

We create immersive experiences with broadcast quality production that incorporates six or more camera angles, pro audio, lighting design, and projection. Our technology stack delivers HD video and high fidelity audio that can be viewed on any device including computers, tables, and smart TVs.

Truly Interactive

We encourage ticket holders to get dressed up, mix a drink, turn-up the hi-fi, decorate their living rooms, and enable their cameras so that they can “be seen” in the crowd. The performers are able to interact with hundreds of audience members who are displayed on a video wall in the orchestra pit, where they can be seen clapping, dancing, and enjoying the show. This approach restores the reciprocal connection between artist and audience, who feed off each other to create the magic that we all long for in live performance.

Global Network, Local Focus

We have incredible power when we work together as a global arts community, while maintaining our individual identities as presenters, venues, and artists. The ThirdRow platform maintains a focus on the brand of each presenter and the customer experience is designed to nurture the loyalty and locally rooted values of your audience.

Keep Them Engaged

Sure, on screen performances aren’t everyone's cup of tea, but we need to keep the arts alive and in people’s minds during this period of isolation. Third Row gives you an opportunity to present your audience with some exciting and perhaps unusual experiences to tide them over during these long winter months.

Frequently Asked Questions


As a presenting partner, you get your own landing page on the website that showcases your organization’s distinct branding, visuals, and the shows that you decide to put on sale. Send your customers to the landing page, where their end-to-end experience reinforces your brand and the importance of supporting their favorite venue.
We supply you with a special link so that your customers are as originating from your organization as soon as they land on our website. When they make a purchase, the ticket is also linked to your organization so that we can track and attribute the sale to you.
We are currently producing live concerts from the Academy of Music Theatre, an historic opera house located in Northampton, Massachusetts. We are within driving distance from New York City, Boston, and Providence (among other areas) and remain a relatively safe COVID zone.
Absolutely. We are currently booking a variety of performing arts and are open to suggestions.