BOMBYX Center for Arts & Equity
Saturday, May 13
7:00 PM ET

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Collider!Fest 2023 | Day 2

ColliderFest is back! With a line-up that vigorously conquers space, time, and “lejania” with powerful doses of musical creativity.

It’s a weekender that runs the full length of Bombyx with Neftali Duran’s Oaxacan cooking, hyperlocal beers and ciders crafted by Florence-based brewers, Spin That! Records’ record fair on Saturday, and workshops of all kinds. We’re adding a second stage this year, so each night features four sets of music. 

Don’t miss the fun. Don’t miss the Joropo (which literally means “party” in Venezuela).

Saturday’s Lineup:

Mafer Bandola & the Pipiris Band  |  Mafer Bandola, a Venezuelan living in NY, envisions a “portable community house” for Venezuelan migrants, where Joropo Llanero (an Afro-Indigenous genre from the high plains of Venezuela) can be taught, performed, and enjoyed.

Yasser Tejeda & Palotré  |  Yasser Tejeda, a Dominican jazz guitarist, reworks traditional merengues he grew up with into dance ravers for a new generation in Brooklyn.

Xenia Rubinos  |  Xenia Rubinos, born to Puerto Rican and Cuban parents in Hartford, CT, channels the intergenerational experience of “lejania” with electronic reworks of Caribbean rumbas, merengues and boleros. The inspiration for her latest album stems from a melody she often heard as a child, emanating from her Abuelita’s wind-up lamp and resurfacing at many points throughout her life – a beautifully time-worn bolero (love song) called “Una Rosa.”


Hyperlocal Florence brewers Jake Mazar of Artifact Cider Project and O’Brian Tomalin of BLDG8 Beer will be serving on both nights of the festival.

We are grateful for our sponsors: Secret Planet, Northampton Arts Council, Ruthie Oland Real Estate, Spin That! Records, The Creation Station, and Ana Bandeira Chocolate.

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