BOMBYX Center for Arts & Equity
Wednesday, April 3
7:00 PM ET


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Caroline Rose with Metropolis Ensemble – Night 2

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A witty, clever, and eclectic singer and songwriter, Caroline Rose is a musician not afraid to evolve in public, growing from a contemporary folkie to an Americana artist with roots rock leanings to a sharp-humored indie pop performer. As a songwriter, Rose is unafraid to look deep inside their psyche, and the melodies are engaging whether they were exploring the earnest moods of early work like 2014’s “I Will Not Be Afraid”, shifting gears to a playfully fractured pop approach on 2018’s “Loner”, or embracing their own vision of contemporary pop on 2020’s “Superstar”. Emotional trauma that came in the wake of a failed relationship informed the darker and more spectral sound of 2023’s “The Art of Forgetting”.

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