La Moneta | Frente al Silencio

May 17, 2021
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“Frente al Silencio” [In Front of Silence] is an attempt to break the complicit silence that underpins the barbarity human beings are capable of inflicting on one another.  Félix Grande was able to break this silence with his poem “La Cabellera de la Shoá” [Shoah’s Hair].  This work lays bare the horror of Auschwitz – the poet’s fragmented language revealing his truth.

Elimination, dehumanization, contempt, and terror – but also reflection, condemnation, and the search for a language capable of narrating the turmoil – all of these elements are an attempt to be one yet more echo of Grande’s poem.

Fuensanta La Moneta

Dancer and choreographer. Granada 1984. She began her dance training as a child at the schools of Carmen Mari and Mariquilla in Granada.  She made her professional debut in Madrid with the guitarist Juan Marote, resulting in the magazine Alma 100 publishing an extensive cover story dubbing her the most important flamenco dancer born in the 1980’s.

In 2003, she won the “El Desplante” Prize at the National Competition La Unión. From then on Fuensanta la Moneta has danced in the most prestigious flamenco festivals and theatres in Europe, Asia and America.

While dancing in Javier Latorre’s company, she participated in the performances “Triana, en el nombre de la Rosa” and “Rinconete y Cortadillo,” and she performed in the film by Álvaro Begines “Por qué se frotan las patitas.”

Behind The Scenes

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