Festival de Jerez 2022 | Ángel Rojas Flamenco Dance Project

February 28, 2022
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Ser Baile. Capítulo 1 Triología. Geografía Flamenca del Pensamiento (Be Dance. Chapter 1 Flamenco Geography of Thought Trilogy)

The first chapter of this trilogy aims to emphasize the true transformation of the performer throughout his emotional journey, with all of the different elements that question and contribute to the mutation of intangible material and that is capable of transforming thoughts in something totally fascinating: the moment in which the body is no longer a body but becomes dance.

The performer’s true journey is one in which the spectator is the guest of honor for simply participating in the communion of body and mind, a moment that doesn’t always take place, but that without a doubt is one of the most sought after by the performer and anxiously awaited by the public; that which will never be repeated in exactly the same way and as ephemeral as breathing.

The stages of this story arc build to this cherished moment.  They are framed by the root of flamenco in its purest form: guitar, song and percussion.

From the rhythm created by these three vital flamenco elements, a journey begins, first individually and then collectively, to coexist with a triangular form, both numerically and also as an onstage visual motif, along with the movement, lighting and sound, to create a common framework within which this artistic experience becomes possible.

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