Eduardo Guerrero

May 15, 2021
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With Debajo de los pies [Under Your Feet], Eduardo Guerrero invites you to participate in his universe.  All of the fundamental preoccupations that we contemplate comprise the imagination of this project.  From a personal point of view, he attempts to construct a universal narrative in constant dialog with his team.

In Debajo de los pies, a world exists in which tradition and innovation go hand in hand. On the stage, there’s a subtle landscape filled with innumerable nuances that connect that which is nearby to that which is farthest away. The audience is invited to rest its eyes on a vast scale of shapes, volumes, bodies full of foreboding.

Without a doubt, this is a piece that marks a new phase in Eduardo Guerrero’s career.

Eduardo Guerrero

Eduardo Guerrero González (1983, Cádiz) began dancing at just six-years-old.   It is in Cádiz that he lays the foundations of his dance and later continues his training further afoot with teachers that include Mario Maya, Antonio Canales, Manolo Marín and Chiqui de Jerez.  He studies Spanish dance at the Cádiz Conservatory of Dance and continues his studies in contemporary dance with David Greenall and classical dance with Montserrat Marín.

In 2002, he begins working with such important national companies as those of Aida Gómez, Eva La Yerbabuena and Rocío Molina. It’s in 2011 when Guerrero wins First Prize at the Professional Conservatories’ Choreography Competition and begins his solo career.  Since then, he has created the following productions: Suite Flamenca (2011); De Dolores (2012); Las Minas (2013); Re-torno (2014); El Callejón de los Pecados (2014); Desplante (2015); A Solo Piece for a Flamenco Dancer (2016); Guerrero (2017); Faro (2017); and Sombra Efímera (2018).

Among the many awards that endorse his fruitful career, it is important to mention First Prize for Dance at the prestigious Festival de Las Minas de la Unión in 2013, which consecrates his success as a flamenco dancer and choreographer. In 2017, his show Guerrero wins the Audience Prize at the Festival de Jerez.

Currently, Eduardo combines touring with the creation of new production with artistic director Mateo Feijoo (current director of the Matadero de Madrid). It involves a long process of artistic research that has resulted in a trilogy of performances that begin with A Solo Piece for a Flamenco Dancer, 2016 in Amsterdam, then Sombra Efímera, which premieres at the Seville Flamenco Biennial in 2018 and which will conclude with the presentation of the third and most ambitious work Debajo de los Pies.

Behind The Scenes

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