Bacchus in Love

March 7, 2021

Bacchus in Love is an inebriating mix of good wines and good music; duets and songs that speak to us of passion and joy, friendships and partying, exaltation and inspiration.
Bacchus’s divine mission was to mix music and wine to free from worry and enjoy the moment. Together soprano Cecilia Lavilla Berganza, daughter of the grand opera diva Teresa Berganza, baritone Luis Santana and pianist Victor Carbajo exalt the goodness of “miracle juices” by interpreting an extensive repertoire of different composers and celebrating this exciting and passionate pairing.

“La Mouche” duet by J. Offenbach, “I Bevitori” by Donizzetti, “la Habanera” by Penella are just some of the many pieces that, paired with a good glass of wine, will make your evening all the more pleasant.

As Dante Alighieri said, “Wine sows poetry into hearts.”

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