Ángel Rojas Flamenco Dance Project

May 13, 2021
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The beginning, the arrival, the journey… transformation so as to once again be possible. Allowing oneself to create a path of transiting states and emotions to which one must inevitably say goodbye. Dare to jump and dream of being the saviors of the blue, the fishermen of the black and, if we still can, also save the silver to make sense of what is to come.


Ya no seremos [We Will No Longer Be] is a work by Ángel Rojas born out of the necessity to delve into the concept of creation in a clear contemporary flamenco style that supersedes barriers and stereotypes.

A creation that has matured over years and with a principal theme of evolution as imperative to our destiny. What we must no longer be in order to transform ourselves into something new and unknown.

For this project, Rojas has brought together a large creative team under his artistic direction, as well as a versatile ensemble, capable of navigating an abstract landscape without sacrificing the depth of flamenco, capped off with a staging defined by the symbology of the central theme.

About Ángel Rojas

Flamenco dancer and choreographer. Madrid, 1974. Makes his professional debut at 16-years-old, touring with the Ballet Teatro Español de Luisillo and Rafael Aguilar’s Ballet Teatro Español, later joining the Ballet Español de Madrid under the direction of José Granero.  In 1992, he joins the Ballet Flamenco Antonio Canales, participating in the show A ti, Carmen Amaya.  Between 1992 and 1994, he participates in numerous prestigious galas, as guest dancer in the Víctor Ullate Company and working on choreographies for the Compañía Teatro de la Danza and the Compañía de José Antonio y los Ballets Españoles, also performing as a soloist in the latter.

In 1995, Rojas co-founds the Nuevo Ballet Español with Carlos Rodríguez, which would be renamed Rojas & Rodríguez in 2008. Among the company’s most noteworthy productions are: Infierno, S.L. (1995), Canela y Fuego (1996), Sangre Flamenca (1997), Flamenco Directo (1998), Gallo de Pelea (1999), Furia (2000), Romeo y Julieta (2003), Tierra (2004), En Carne Viva (2005), Alma (2006), Sangre (2008), Baile de Máscaras (2008), commissioned by the Autonomous Community of Madrid for the Bicentennial of the Spanish War of Independence, Cambio de Tercio (2009), Homenaje a los Clásicos (2012), Amor Brujo (2012) and Titanium (2013), which fused flamenco and urban dance.

Throughout his career, Ángel Rojas has received numerous awards.  The most noteworthy include First Prize for Best Dancer at the National Choreography Competition, shared with Carlos Rodríguez (1994), the UP Dance Prize awarded to the Nuevo Ballet Español for Best Spanish Dance & Flamenco Company (2000), the Villa de Madrid Pilar López Prize for Best Dancer (2005) and the Medal of Arts from the Autonomous Community of Madrid with Carlos Rodríguez (2006).

Ángel Rojas has taught courses and workshops at numerous schools around the world. Since 2010, he has co-directed the Escuela de Danza Rojas y Rodríguez Ciudad de Móstoles with Carlos Rodríguez and worked as consultant on projects such as Flamenco del Sol in Orlando, where he assists with student training and educational planning.

As a guest choreographer it’s important to mention Dualia, created for the National Ballet of Spain in 2007; Don Juan, a Canadian musical created in 2004 and staged again in 2012; Pálpito, for the Ángel Corella Foundation, which premiered in New York in 2012; and Falla fuera de la caja, created for Chicago’s Ensemble Español in 2016.

In 2015, he is asked by the City of Madrid to direct the Festival Flamenco Madrid.  He is named Artistic Director through 2018.  In 2018, Ángel Rojas becomes the Artistic Director of the new Flamenco Madrid Theatre.

Behind The Scenes

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