Event cancelled

Due to complexities associated with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we regret that we have to cancel Magos Herrera's performance on April 17th.

Magos Herrera


UPDATE: The Magos Herrera shows on April 2nd have been moved to Saturday, April 17th. We made this change to enable Magos to perform as part of the United Nations Generation Equality Forum, a landmark event that sets priorities for women’s rights around the globe.

Born in Mexico City and currently based out of New York, Magos is best known for her eloquent vocal improvisation and her singular bold style, which embraces elements of contemporary jazz with Ibero-American melodies and rhythms singing in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Regarded as one of the most active vocalists in the Latin American jazz scene, she is also a United Nations spokesperson for UN Women UNITE, a program promoting the elimination of violence against women, and the UN’s “He For She” campaigns to promote gender equality. An all-star ensemble will join Magos featuring Luis Perdomo on piano, Sam Minaie on bass, and Alex Kautz on drums.

Join us in celebrating the vital contributions of women in the arts as part of the 2021 International Women Rising Series. Be the first to hear highlights from the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico City, where Magos performed on behalf of UN Women and the Mexican and French governments. Broadcast live from the historic Academy of Music Theatre; this event weaves together a tapestry of musical performances and conversations with distinguished artists and leaders in gender equality.


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