Variación a Tempo

January 30, 2021
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Variación a Tempo (Variation for Spanish Guitar and Dance), the newest work by award-winning Spanish dance and guitar duo Sara Jimenez and Pablo Gimenez, is a study of how time and history have molded Spanish art.  The piece begins and ends in the present, bookmarked by original, contemporary compositions by Pablo Gimenez, but in between the audience is transported across time, beginning with the Renaissance and traveling through the Baroque and Romantic periods, guided by composers such as Luys Milan, Gaspar Sanz and Julian Arcas.

The journey chronicles the evolution of Spanish classical music and dance, linking the classical traditions’ influence on a more modern Spanish genre, flamenco.  The result is an evocative and inventive performance that combines traditions to create an audiovisual narrative from the contemporary point of view of today’s Spanish artists.

Since its world premiere in August 2020, Variation for Spanish Guitar and Dance has garnered a slew of awards, including First Prize for a Solo Choreography (Madrid Flamenco and Spanish Dance Choreography Competition), Fundación AISGE Exceptional Female Dancer Award, María de Ávila Conservatory of Dance Award, Fernán Gómez Cultural Center Prize, Fuego Flamenco Festival Prize, and the Flamenco Rosario Vancouver Prize.

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