Festival de Jerez 2022 | Rosario Toledo with Javier Galiana & Alba Haro

March 5, 2022
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In the format of a jazz trio or maybe a flamenco quartet, Rosario Toledo (flamenco dancer), Alba Haro (cellist) and Javier Galiana (pianist) present Playeras. The show is based on an incredible album recorded by the musicians during the Coronavirus pandemic and that they wanted to dedicate to the beaches of the world. We sing what we lose, and some of that loss strums the strings of the piano and cello, something that makes Rosario’s restless feet dance. She could see the footprints in the sand, and she didn’t even realize that they were her own!

That is how Playeras is born. The musicians, Javier and Alba propose that Rosario come dance to this music, and Rosario dives in the water. Everyone knows the musical nature of Rosario’s feet, her zapateados are musical phrases and that is how they exist here. Don’t Alba and Javier use their bodies when they play? Aren’t they dancing as well? So we all try to understand the phrasing, the depth of the rhythms, the ebb and flow of the tide. I would dare say this is almost a political project. This dedication to the sea, the beach, where rivers go to die, is some kind of assertion of life above all else.  There is a profound melancholy in these patterns, these endless walks on the beach. But what I know is to live, nothing here is dyed black, even the darkest wells are seen in the most blinding sun at the edge of the sea.

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