Pablo Gimenez Spanish Ensemble & Irene Morales

February 26, 2022
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En tierras de Jerez (On Jerez Land)

Last year our viewers asked us to not only show them the amazing flamenco taking place in Jerez’s theaters, but to also take us into the heart of this historical city, and when you ask we listen. So join us for a flamenco performance at one of Jerez’s most coveted spots for spirits, revelry and music, the Damajuana Cafe & Bar, which sits nestled in a XVI century palatial home on the historic Calle Francos.

In the Damajuana’s traditional Andalusian patio, we present the Pablo Gimenez Spanish Ensemble’s second full-length production, En tierras de Jerez. Featuring three string instruments (a guitar and two cellos) that unite to cradle the flamenco song of Tomás García and to elevate dancer Irene Morales’ body so that it can forcefully and gracefully fall back to earth to that syncopated beat so typical of Jerez de la Frontera.

With melodies rooted in flamenco tradition, and with the influences of classical Spanish music, the driving force behind this show is to share the essence of flamenco with new instruments and to shed new light on Andalusian temperament and artistry.

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