Festival de Jerez 2022 | Ana Morales

February 24, 2022
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En la Cuerda Floja (On the Tightrope)

Ana Morales is a powerhouse of contemporary flamenco dance.  Her elegance, the narrative nature of her work, and sleek staging have garnered Morales an onslaught of national awards including four Lorca Prizes and a Giraldillo Prize for Best Dancer at the Seville Flamenco Biennial. In 2022 she returns to the Festival de Jerez with her production “On the Tightrope.”

The relationship that we have with our moods makes us wonder whether stability is a utopia or something tangible. If it is long lasting or temporary; if we like or reject it; but, at the same time, we understand that imbalance is something necessary to survival.

What happens to our bodies and our minds when we look for order and when we feel comfortable in chaos?


“On the Tightrope”

We’ll test ourselves…
Decide, accompany, traverse, live in the moment and recognize it.
Invent, try to accomplish something and not achieve it. Imbalance…
And generate more energy to
Achieve it…
That’s where everything begins.

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