Fernando Jiménez

May 16, 2021
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Fernando Jiménez presents the world premiere of his second solo show Transiciones [Transitions] accompanied by some of Jerez’s finest musicians and two flamenco titans: dancer Pastora Galván and singer and guitarist José Gálvez.

Jiménez drinks from the fountain of tradition, performing the natural and authentic flamenco dance that lives in the patios of the historic neighborhood of Santiago in Jerez. In his latest work, Transiciones [Transitions], Jimenez explored the movement that defines flamenco, reflecting on how each stage of life signifies a change. This is where one finds growth, both personal and professional. During life’s most difficult moments, one learns from a place of resilience. 

Fernando Jiménez

Fernando Jiménez is a flamenco dancer from Jerez de la Frontera, born in 1988 to a gypsy family from the historic neighborhood of Santiago. He is a direct descendent of Tía Anica la Piriñaca and José Vargas “El Mono.”  He begins dancing flamenco naturally and spontaneously at family parties.

Fernando soon realizes that he wants to dedicate himself professionally to flamenco dance and joins the artistic ensemble at the tablao La Taberna Flamenca, where he performs until its sudden closure. His particularly masculine style with a focus on footwork and hand movement takes him across Spain to perform and makes him a regular in Japan thanks to the popularity of his classes and performances.  He performs on a tour of the United States with Pedro Garrido “Niño de la Fragua” and Ismael Heredia. And he dances numerous times at Jerez’s historic Villamarta Theatre since his debut there in 2002 as a member of the ensemble cast of “Enamorarse en Jerez.”  He also performs around the world with artists such as Pansequito, Aurora Vargas, Rancapino Chico, La Macanita and Tía Juana la del Pipa.

In 2019, he performs his first solo work at the Festival de Jerez, sharing the evening with another dancer from Jerez, Yessica Brea. In 2020, he participates in the ‘de Peña en Peña’ series of the Festival de Jerez, for which he is awarded the Breakout Artist Prize and asked to premiere his second solo work Transiciones at the 2021 edition of the festival.

Behind The Scenes

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