Saturday, June 18
8:00 PM ET

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Pascuala Ilabaca

Accordion-wielding Chilean songstress blends Latin grooves with the immediacy of garage rock and drum ‘n’ bass.

Pascuala Ilabaca is steeped in the folkloric music of Chile, but she’s not looking to preserve the sounds of the past. Possessing an enchanting, full-bodied voice, she presides over her band Fauna with the authoritative air of a ringmaster, moving between accordion, piano and hand drums. Presented with a keen sense of drama, the music blends the immediacy of garage rock and drum’n’bass, North Indian tabla and chant, and the seductive grooves of a Latin dance combo. It’s a sound and approach that has earned Ilabaca an avid following across South America and Europe and more recently in North America. A favorite in intimate clubs, prestigious concert halls like the Berliner Philharmoniker, and at festivals including Womad and the London Jazz Festival, Pacuala Ilabaca is not to be missed.

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