Saturday, April 9
8:00 PM ET

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Lido Pimienta & Combo Chimbita

There are so many layers to Canadian-Colombian singer Lido Pimienta’s identity that you might get lost in them. But if you did, you’d be missing the point. Her multi-textural, mind-bending voice and music project what Canada’s The Globe and Mail called her “bold, brash, polarizing” persona, which constantly confronts the powers that be. But it also reveals an embrace of the Afro- and Indigenous traditions that is at once defiant, delicate and sweetly nostalgic.

This rare double-bill also features COMBO CHIMBITA, whose front-woman Carolina Oliveras is a different kind of powerhouse entirely. The band’s tropical futurism embraces folkloric mystique, otherworldly psychedelia, and a dash of enigmatic punk, catapulting the audience into the sacred knowledge of our ancestors and into the future.

Carolina Oliveros’ presence dominates, with mesmeric contralto, illuminating storytelling and fierce guacharaca rhythms. And with Prince of Queens’ hypnotic synth stabs and grooving bass lines, Niño Lento’s imaginative guitar licks, and Dilemastronauta’s powerful drumming, the spell is complete. The experience is total, otherworldly, and transcendent.

It may well be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch all of this Afro-Colombian Futurist royalty sharing the stage in a single night.

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Attendees must abide by the BOMBYX COVID-19 and Ticketing policies. Please present a valid ID and either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result at the door. Attendees must wear a properly fitted face covering for the duration of the event.
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