Thursday, July 21
7:00 PM ET

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Fiddle Orchestra of Western Massachusetts

Back Together Again!

The Fiddle Orchestra of Western Massachusetts is an orchestra of multi-age musicians of all skill levels who join together in their love of playing traditional fiddle music. Founded in 2017, the Fiddle Orchestra has spent the past two years improvising and being creative in how to continue playing music together; they’ve played outside in their jackets and fingerless-gloves, they’ve run for cover to protect their instruments from the rain, they’ve narrowly avoided heatstroke and sunburns, and they’ve laughed and slogged through technological struggles on Zoom, and through it all they’ve continued to learn and play fiddle tunes to keep their spirits up.

Join the Fiddle Orchestra of Western Massachusetts for an evening of traditional and contemporary fiddle tunes. Weaving together medleys of Celtic, Appalachian, Quebecois, New England, and Scandinavian Fiddle tunes, we celebrate the power of music to bring light into challenging times and forge connections.

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