Sunday, February 6
7:00 PM ET

$20.00 USD

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Big Lazy + Mamie Minch

Big Lazy and Mamie Minch — two underground bands from the Brooklyn Barbés scene —  share a vibe if not a genre. Big Lazy is completely instrumental, self-described as “crime jazz & highway twang”, while Mamie is an acoustic blues crooner, singer-songwriter, and dogged feminist. But they’re both slightly punk, very DIY, and fiercely independent — the atmosphere is retro; a bit old-fashioned in a noble sort of way; the music has one foot in the present and the other in the past, sometime back before people sat around all day staring at smartphones. 

And the two bands are friends, which makes this double-bill a sweet and intimate occasion for them both to share some songs with you from their respective songbooks — music from across the American landscape of blues & jazz & twang, from inside the crowded bellies of cities and out on the loneliest of country roads. 

Each band will play a full set — their first times back in the Valley since their performances in the Grove Stage at Barbès in the Woods.

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Attendees must abide by the BOMBYX COVID-19 and Ticketing policies. Please present a valid ID and either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result at the door. Attendees must wear a properly fitted face covering for the duration of the event.
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