Saturday, February 19
8:00 PM ET

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Angel Bat Dawid + Tha Brothahood

Angel Bat Dawid is no stranger to church halls. The daughter of missionaries, she grew up in Atlanta, Kentucky, and Kenya before settling in Chicago’s South Suburbs. She was raised Baptist, but began coloring outside the lines of religious dogma in her teenage years. It’s no surprise that she sees all Black Music as being inherently spiritual, and a concert as indistinguishable from church service. It’s altogether fitting and incredibly thrilling to invite Angel Bat Dawid and Tha Brothahood to the Sanctuary Hall at BOMBYX as part of our Black History Month series. Join us for an unforgettable appointment with The Oracle Herself; with music as a tone-poem for memory, a lament to history, and a challenge to uplift Black lives in the face of racism and inequity.


The Black History Month series is sponsored by Ruthie Oland Real Estate, Davis Financial, and Living in the Light of Rare Diseases, and is co-presented with the David Ruggles Center and Antenna Cloud Farm.

Attendees must abide by the BOMBYX COVID-19 and Ticketing policies. Please present a valid ID and either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result at the door. Attendees must wear a properly fitted face covering for the duration of the event.
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